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Tips for learning Dutch

When you want to learn Dutch, one of the best ways is to attend a Dutch course in Amsterdam. This Dutch course in Amsterdam will help you to learn Dutch faster and easier. If you want to prepare yourself for this course, you can read the tips in this article, so you are not overwhelmed by all the new stuff.


Dutch isn’t as hard as you think

When you’re a native English speaker, Dutch isn’t hard to learn. They both have the same Germanic ancestors. When you understand their close relationship the mastery of the language will be a lot faster. When you’re used to the Dutch pronunciation, you will notice a lot of common words that look very familiar with the English grammar. So, you should focus on the similarities between Dutch and English instead of the differences.


Take a Dutch course in a small group

When you want to learn a new language, the best you can do is finding a course that will teach you the language in small groups. Dutch is no exception. When there are more students in a group, you will have less conversation time. Therefore, learning a new language is the easiest when the student group is smaller than nine students. The more you will practise speaking, the more and faster you will learn.


Learn by communication

The main goal of learning a language is to communicate with the native speakers. From the very beginning you should try to express yourself in Dutch, for instance in the classroom or the supermarket. Good teachers will speak Dutch to you immediately. They will encourage you to do the same, even if you have just started the course, it’s not a problem when you make mistakes. The effort will quickly pay off when you succeed. With each effort you will get better in making yourself understood.