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Fluorometer… what?

So, you are interested in fluorometers, but it is not really clear to you what it is, and what can be done with it. That is not really weird, not many people are familiar with the advanced technologies that this product brings. Also, there are many factors and applications that need to be taken into account when using it. When deciding to buy a fluorometer, be sure to take a look at the Life Science Product of the Year.

What does a fluorometer do?

It is really logical to not be familiar with all the functionalities of a fluorometer. That is mainly the reason that it is possible that you are reading this article. A fluorometer provides the possibility to analyse whether a product or object has come in contact with an object that is not its own. The way that fluorescence is measured is:

Scanning the object, then making a sample of it, and filtering it. You are left with the light emission that matters. This goes through a detector and the last step that the fluorometer takes is showing a basic plan that is made up of individual molecules that are found.


Fluorescence behaviour is not something that is definite. It can be influenced by different applications.

The first factor that often influences this are ligand binding and conformational changes.

Another application, that in this case only works with chelating dyes, is calcium. The fluorescence is then increased.

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (or FRET) is a term that sounds more difficult than it is. It means that two objects come close to each other and one of them donates its light to the other, that causes the receiving one to become excited and starts to emit its own light.

Application is therefore one of the most important factors to be aware of, otherwise the results of research can easily be lost. A fluorometer is often very hard to use, so be sure to use it in the way it is supposed to.

Life Science Product of the Year

Reviews by professionals in life science decide what product wins the Life Science Product of the Year award and in this case it was a fluorometer. To be more specific, the winner was the spectrophotometer fluorometer DeNovix DS-11 FX+. Unlike other years, it was not even close, and thanks to its simplicity, the fluorometer won with ease.