Collect New NBA Live Mobile players with Playoffs Moments Program

Big Moments the Playoffs Edition is a new NBA Live Mobile program that gives players the chance to acquire new players every week.

NBA Live Mobile has a new program dedicated to the NBA Playoffs. This tournament that precedes the NBA Finals is of great importance as it gives basketball players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, talent and dedication. During the Playoffs, there are many remarkable moments that make NBA history. To celebrate this event, NBA Live Mobile implemented a program that honors great Playoffs moments. The program includes moments from past and present and allows users to get their hands on some really nice player cards to use in their teams or to show off to their friends.

Those who want to acquire the associated rewards should not forget to check what’s happening in NBA Live Mobile on Saturday. During the weekend, special live events become available. Players will easily recognize these activities as they are called Playoff Moments. The rewards for completing these activities include collectible items that are used to unlock players. There are new Elite players that can be obtained with this program. The other reward is a Magic Johnson Playoffs Moments Master card. This special card has five versions. Each one allows players to use the card in a different position and lineup. The overall for this card remains the same,  Players that want to acquire the card should be prepared to take part in the special Playoffs Moments live events to earn the necessary tokens. These collectible items are called Playoffs Big Moments and there are different ones to obtain. Players that miss the Saturday events have one more chance to complete them on Tuesday and Thursday.

This is not the only way to get the collectibles. These can be bought and sold on the NBA Live Mobile coins via auction house, however, players should expect to pay lots of coins for them. Alternatively, they can sell them for profit if they’re not interested in collecting the Johnson cards. Big Moments selection is getting refreshed giving players the chance to obtain cards from the previous season.

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